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      Facial, Floral Aromatherapy & 

       TLC Treatment coming soon! 


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I offer highly therapeutic Aromatherapy Treatments in my welcoming therapy room.

After consultation, I will create The Blend For Your, by carefully blending those Essential Oils and Base oils that meet your individual needs. Each blend is made of a base oil (pure and cold pressed ) such as Almond , Sesame, Vitamin E and Jojoba  and 4 different essential oils of choice at 2-3 % dilution - I  prepare a separate wellbeing blend of your choice (with Jojoba and Floral Essential oils) to massage the face, neck and collarbone area.

Currently working with over 50 essential oils and 8 base oils...I take pride in the quality of my oils.

Each of my treatments are tailored to your needs, these integrate deep tissue, swedish massage trigger point therapy, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage techniques; Thai Foot massage and Natural Face Lifting massage are also included in some of the treatments.


My treatments are intuitive - yet carefully structured - every stroke is purposely designed for your benefit in order to work on those ailments and tensions that need to be addressed,  balance your body and mind and promote deep relaxation.

Pregnancy/ Postnatal massage qualified - treatment will combine techniques of sweedish massage, myofascial release and deep tissue (shoulders and upper back) to work on your tensions and discomforts and promote relaxation and wellbeing. We will take extra care to make sure that you feel comfortable at all times -You will be lying down on your side or facing up with elevated backrest throughout the massage as these are the safest ways to receive a massage for both mother and baby.  Find more information about Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage on the treatment list below.

Location: Full address details will  be provided at booking time. 

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'Blends To Heal' ORIGINAL

45 minutes

As an integrative treatment, the areas of treatment may vary depending on your needs. The treatment usually includes back, neck, shoulders and scalp as massaging these areas have many benefits and promotes wellbeing. I generally include leg and feet deep tissue massage prior to back massage to tone muscles and help the circulation in this area.

This Treatment is ideal for relaxation, to balance your body and mind or to help you with certain ailments, muscular tensions and discomforts. Also highly recommended to ease menopause / perimenopause symptoms and at the start of a detox diet.


face massage2.bmp

Natural Face Lifting Massage

60 minutes

Refreshing and revitalising Massage to rejuvenate and plump up your face naturally. Treatment consists of very unique strokes inspired on Mrs Mehta's Face Lifting Massage (internationally recognised).

Massage will not involve the use of oils; it's an  ideal choice for those with skin allergies or people looking for a Natural approach to Beauty and Wellbeing.

Ideal treatment to radiate at special celebrations such as marketing events, conferences and  weddings.

Treatment will also include 20 minutes Thai Foot Massage, deeply relaxing, balancing and Therapeutic.

Free 5ml 'Floral Perfume oil' included.



Pregnancy/Postnatal Massage

60 minutes

Tailored, warm and caring Treatment to meet your needs and concerns and feel your best during this special time.
Pregnancy Massage is ideal for ladies at all stages of pregnancy and focuses to meet some of the unique physical needs you might have.
We aim to help you alleviate common pregnancy discomforts, improve circulation and mobility, reduce stress, promote wellbeing to mother and baby and just make you feel good about your body.
Post Natal Aromatherapy Massage Helps the body to recover from labour by stimulating lymphatic and circulatory system; it also helps with pains and discomforts , hormonal rebalancing, and other ailments that you might have. This treatment has similar routine to our Full Body Massage( yet emphasising on your comfort) Abdominal Massage and scar massage, if required due C-section, also included with Pure Rosehip oil and our most restorative Essential Oils for the skin.



'Blends To Heal' FULL BODY

60 minutes

Deeply relaxing  treatment , will aim to cover the whole body,  including back, neck ,shoulders, scalp, face, full arms and legs; there might be occasion where specific ailments need to be addressed and this could alter the structure of the treatment.

This is a perfect treatment for those who have some specific ailments to be addressed, muscular discomforts, high levels of tension or for those who enjoy total pampering and a longer lasting massage. We highly recommended Full Body for those having to stand for long hours.



'Blends To Heal' ENHANCED

75 minutes

Similar characteristics to Full Body massage, with the possibility to add one of the following:

1. Abdominal Massage  (can ease abdominal discomfort, improves blood circulation, etc).

2. Hand Massage (very relaxing and gentle, can help with conditions such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome).

3. *Thai Foot Massage (highly beneficial and therapeutic, promotes homeostasis and wellbeing).  * Recommended.

Deeply relaxing treatment, ideal if you have more that one ailment that needs to be addressed, high levels of tension or for those who enjoy total pampering and a longer lasting massage.


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