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"Aromatherapy is a Luxury you can't afford to miss"


Holistic Practice


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Eva de la Orden

ITEC qualified in Aromatherapy, 

Anatomy and Physiology & Holistic Massage.

Further Studies: Pregnancy Massage, Thai Foot Massage/Trigger Point Therapy/ Abdominal Massage/ Natural Face Lifting Massage, Emergency First Aid at work  by MSCM (Middx School of Complementary Medicine)

Fully insured and member of  the Complementary Therapists Association(CThA)

Aromatherapy is a well-established and effective therapy, reputed for both its physical and mental benefits.

Although it may appear to be a relatively new therapy, essential oils have been used for their health benefits for centuries.

An aromatherapy treatment integrates both the therapeutic benefits of the pure essential oils (carefully selected and blended by the Aromatherapist) and the undoubted benefits of the massage itself.

As all of us are different, so would be the treatment required to help us achieve well-being and good health - each of my Aromatherapy treatments are unique, holistic and tailored to your needs.

​If you wish to obtain some relief for certain ailments and discomforts or you just want to find some balance and unwind from all the daily stress and tensions; either way, I offer you a place to relax and balance, in my dedicated therapy room.


  • Soothes tension, promotes relaxation and reduces the feeling of stress

  • Improves circulation

  • Detoxifies and stimulates the lymphatic system 

  • Improves skin elasticity

  • Promotes healing and assists the body to maintain homeostasis (balancing)

  • Helps skin healing and restoring

  • Boost our immunity



  • Sleeping disorders and insomnia

  • Muscular stiffness, sciatica, aches, pains and discomforts

  • Post covid and flu recovery

  • All about skin: beauty, dry, oily and chapped skin, scars, stretch marks prevention, dermatitis, eczema, hair and scalp care 

  • Ease gout, arthritis and and any other inflammatory condition

  • Stress related conditions, anxiety and depression

  • Menstruation, menopause and hormonal imbalance

  • Headache and migraines

  • Hypertension

  • Ease abdominal discomfort and constipation

  • Varicose veins and cellulite


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 




I am a passionate believer in the Holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Over the last 15 years, I have been practising and studying Aromatherapy, Massage, Anatomy and Pathology alongside a public facing job.

During this time, I have further developed knowledge and skills by studying and practising.

2020 Lockdown made me realised that I really wanted to dedicate myself fully to that I am passionate about, so I took the big step of setting up my own practice where I could offer high quality Massage and Aromatherapy.

Every treatment is tailored to meet your individual and unique needs.

My aim is  to create a treatment plan that helps you achieve improvements to your health and wellbeing.

One of my great passions is mixing and testing Essential Oils and observe their therapeutic, restoring and balancing effects in both body and mind.

I am constantly amazed by the unexpected beneficial effects of my blends!

My techniques have expanded very much since I opened my practice due to further studies, constant research, building up of experience and a very curious inquisitive mind - always aiming for my clients to get maximum benefit from my treatments.

I firmly believe in our Body-Mind-Soul dimension; finding balance between the three is essential for a happy and healthy living.  I offer, to those interested, free mindfulness meditation and deep breathing sessions, find more information in FREE MEDITATION.

                                                           " Today I learn to give as I receive."

                                                                                                     - ACIM                                                          


                                  Latest Reviews

Thank you so much Eva, the massage was amazing....I feel amazing!! March 2024 Feedback.

Thanks Eva for the fabulous massage. March 2024 Feedback.

I have had the Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage with Eva and I couldn’t be more grateful for the treatment I have received from her. She is so talented and professional, I am impressed with the difference it made for me to be treated by Eva whilst I was pregnant and now with the deep tissue post natal massage. The blends she uses are perfect for an envigorating, relaxing and pampering experience well needed whilst you are an expectant mother or just after labour. I have also tried some of the products from Blendstoheal such as the Baby oil which worked like a gem in my new born’s skin.
Extremely satisfied with the service, I recommend to book with her and try some of her natural blends.
Google 5***** London. January 2024.

Hi Eva, I bought some AMAZING  products from you at the wellness fair in Richmond and I would like to buy some more
products from you. Your face cream is utterly amazing, as for your total relaxation oil it LITERALLY knocks me out so I use it only at bed time, I love it!. December 2023 Feedback.
Eva is professional and extremely knowledgeable and provides an exceptional service. Highly recommended. Google 5*****London. December 2023.
Had the most wonderful experience! Highly recommend a full body massage by Eva- so talented and very reasonably priced. Google 5*****. London. September2023.
I started to go to Eva after I saw an ad on our local Facebook group. I had no particular expectation, so I was delighted to meet such a lovely, warm and very knowledgeable lady.
I’ve had a few treatments with her now, she has even sorted out a problem that I had with my neck/shoulder.
I thoroughly recommend Eva and I really look forward to my next treatment really soon! 
Heather. Google 5***** London. September 2023.
Blends to Heal is absolutely amazing. Eva is one of the best aromatherapists I’ve ever experienced. She really listens to you and helps you with any pains you might have! She is so good at her job and cares about her clients! Every experience I’ve had has always been 10/10! Sapna. Google 5***** London. June 2023.
Excellent massages and oils! Took away all my spots even the dermatologists could not heal. Eva's massages are the best. She really gets to know each client individually to deliver a massage or oil  blend suitable for the body/skin type. Her prices are extremely reasonable and affordable. Her blends really do  heal! I would definitely go back. San. Instagram. April 2023.
My mum is using an oil blend that Eva prepared for her scar from an operation. The oil feels lovely on the skin and is not greasy unlike other oil blends tried and the results have been amazing. Within 4 months her scar has drastically changed and is hardly noticeable. We as a family use all different blends from Eva for different things and fully recommend the use of Eva's blends. Thank you. Lis K. Instagram. March 2023.
Was very impressed! She’s lovely and very professional. Really helped my arthritis. Jolie R. London. 5***** February2023. Google.
 have been going to Eva De la Orden for past 3 years or so , I found her right on time when I needed her most, I was going through terrible pains with rheumatoid arthritis. I have her ME ME TIME memembership. Raj N. London. January 2023. Facebook.
am very pleased with Eva’s approach to holistic wellbeing, her knowledge of aromatherapy is vast and her touch impeccable, also her restorative massages are fantastic. I highly recommend her to anyone who either needs healing or pampering. Mar P. London. 5***** January 2023. Google.
Recommending Eva De La Orden. She is amazing and not very expensive.  Anabela  D. London. November 2022. 

Absolutely love your blends Eva! My skin has improved so much since using your blends! Lisa S. London. October2022. Instagram.

I've been suffering from severe post-covid symptoms and made an appointment with Eva for an aromatherapy massage. She blended specific anti-inflammatory oils to reduce the inflammation in my body. I felt significantly better post the first session, and I've seen her weekly over the past month. I don't think my recovery would have been as quick had I not had the help of her healing hands :). Miss Khairdin. London. 5***** September 2022. Google.

My wife buys the face cream and other staff from this site and she purchased the foot oil for me to try . I have really bad eczema with extremely dry skin in the arch of my feet which sometimes cracks and bleeds. Since using this foot oil, not only has improved the skin on my feet but eczema has disappeared. I can't rate this oil enough but truly it is the only thing that worked. Thank you Eva. Steve L. London. 5***** June 2022. Google.

I had a clay treatment for my knees (as I suffer from arthritis )and I found it effective as it relieved my pain. I recommend Eva 100%. Inma M. London.5 ***** April 2022. Google.

Thanks Eva for my therapeutic massage. It helped me with my arthritic hands and I like the relax atmosphere of your therapy room and the beautiful aroma of the oils. Enjoyed every minute will certainly come again thanks. Rosemary U. London. March 2022.

I would highly recommend Eva. My family and I have massages from her regularly and she gives amazing aromatherapy massages. Pammi P. London. February 2022.

I found Blends To Heal on Next Door and have now had couple of treatments which have been extremely relaxing. Eva is always so warm and welcoming. The experience with her has always been great and her caring nature is lovely. Oh and the heated blanket is an added bonus :-) I would recommend Eva 100%. Sukhvir G. London 5***** January 2022. Google.

I have been a regular customer of Eva's for a few months. I come out of my treatment completely relaxed and feeling revitalised. Eva is very attentive and helpful in giving advise on general health and well being. I love the oil mixes she uses in my treatments and they always help with any muscular pains I have. Imrit S. London. 5***** December 2021. Google.

I recommend Soothing and Rejuvenating Face oil, great product great fragrance!! Toni A. London.5***** November2021. Google.

Eva is very warm and welcoming. I felt comfortable straightaway and her massage technique is amazing. She helped my body relax and I had the best sleep afterwards. I would thoroughly recommend her. Thank you so much for such a calming experience! Masuma B. London. 5***** September 2021. Google.

Eva is an amazing aromatherapist. I thoroughly enjoyed my full body massage. Felt very relaxed after the treatment. Loved the scent of the oils that Eva used. I will definitely be coming back for another massage. K. Kullar; London. 5***** August 2021. Google.

Eva is such a skilled, caring and knowledgeable practitioner. She really tailors her essential oil blends to meet my needs and also has great professional massage skills. I am happy to travel from Scotland for the best care I know. Karen W. Glasgow. 5***** August 2021. Google.

I received a voucher for my birthday, totally enjoyed the whole massage experience so I tried again and this time I tried the The warn "clay" was a lovely experience., my ankle had been swollen for a while. Now the inflammation has reduced as well as the pain. Claudia R. London, 5***** July 2021. Google.

Eva is such a lovely polite lady. I have regular massages from her and have recommended her to my friends who also throughly enjoyed their treatments. Very talented with her techniques and very good in her field and I feel light as a feather when I leave her place. Thank you Eva. Parminder K. London, 5.0***** July 2021. Google.

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  • Treatments: Aromatherapy massage.

  • Workshops:

    • Aromatherapy. All you need to know about Essential oils and how to  use them at home safely, plenty of practical ideas and much more. Online and/or face to face

    • Free Guided Meditation



  • Specially selected “Blends To Heal” Ointments (100% natural blends of Essential Oils and Base Oils)

  • Aromatherapy beauty creams


A selection of Aromatherapy Treatments to meet your specific needs...


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