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Promotes a state of joy and well-being and can help with mild anxiety due to its therapeutic properties and exquisite fragrance...use it as a perfume, applying  roller on your pulse points( inside of wrist, crook of the arm and neck ) and inhaling from bottle it's wonderful fragrance!!!. Made with  Floral Essential Oils and Vetiver (reputed for their antidepressant ,calming, relaxing and sedative actions) and base oils of Sweet Almond and Jojoba.

-100% Natural Ingredients. 

- 10ml. Amber glass roller bottle.

-Keep in a cool, dark place, away from any heat source. 

-Safety:  Do not use internally, keep away from children and eyes. 

-Allergies: rub a small amount into the crook of the arm and leave for 12hrs; wait for any reaction.


Wellness & Joy Perfume Oil roller

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