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For sensitive teeth and mouth dicomforts.

-Information: Effective ointment to help with sensitive gums and mouth complaints, due to anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antiseptic properties of the oils.

-100 % Natural blend of Base oils and essential oils at 3% Dilution.

-Ingredients: Pure cold pressed Sesame oil and Organic Essential oils. Vol. 25ml amber glass bottle.

- Safety: Do not swallow. keep away from children and eyes. Not to be used in pregnancy. If suffering from any medical condition, seek professional advice.

-Keep in a cool, dark place, away from any heat source.


-Application: apply a few drops on the affected area, or use a small amount as a mouth wash, leave it for 30 seconds and spit it out. Do not swallow.

-Allergies: rub one drop of the oil into the crook of the arm and leave for 12hrs; wait for any reaction.

Gum and Mouth care

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