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- Information: Rescue remedy to help you deal with daily distresses and strains, ideal to unwind at night.

 Soothing and relaxing blend due to calming, relaxing and balancing actions of Essential Oils.

 This blend is also beneficial at bed time due to sedative actions of some of the oils. 

One of my favorite blends for insomnia when I give an Aromatherapy Treatment.


- Volume: 25 ml. Amber glass bottle.


-Aplication:  apply over temples, neck and shoulders, can also be used  as a massage or self-massage. After application of the oil,  place the palms of your hands over your nose and inhale the remaining fragrance for 30 seconds.  Inhalation of this oil will speed up relaxation and calming effect.

- Safety:  Do not use internally, keep away from children and eyes. Not to be used in pregnancy. If suffering from any medical condition, seek professional advice.

Do not drive after using this blend due sedative action of the oils.

- Ingredients:  Sesame and Jojoba base oils with Essential Oils at 3 % Dilution. 100% Natural blend.


-Main chemical composition of essential  oils: angelic and tiglic acids,linalyl acetate, linalol, lavandulyl acetate.....

-Keep in a cool, dark place, away from any heat source.


-Allergies: rub a few drops into the crook of the arm and leave for 12hrs; wait for any reaction.



Total Relaxation & Night Oil

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