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- Information: can help with muscular and joint discomfort due to anti-inflammatory, analgesic and warming properties of essential oils. Now enhanced with Turmeric and Black Peper Essential Oils.

One of my favorite blends for Arthitis when I give an Aromatherapy Treatment.


- 25ml. Amber glass bottle.


-Application: place a small amount of the oil in your hands and gently massage the affected area.

- Safety: do not use internally, keep away from children and eyes. Not to be use in pregnancy. If suffering from any medical condition, seek professional advice.



- Composition: base oils of Sesame and Jojoba with Essential Oils at 3 % Dilution. 100% Natural blend.

- Chemical composition of essential oils: sumaresinoid acid, angelic and tiglic acids, coniferyl cinnamate, isobutyl angelate, pinene, myrcene, limonene.


-Keep in a cool, dark place, away from  any heat source.


-Allergies: Rub a few drops into the crook of the arm and leave it 12hrs and wait for any reaction.




Muscle & Joint Rescue Oil

  • buyer pays return costs

    up tp 10 days from purchase

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